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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's time to pour.................

Basically there's nth special about anything.

-Working and Earning everyday,
whereby i need a bowl underneath my mouth so that
i'll nt drool too much when i saw my pay comes in.

- Tired of my work anyway,
as you-know-girls-environment?
Make me damn sick.

I hate her, i bet she knows. arghhh.

- Looking forward for dec this yr as i turned 21 (: (:

- Changed my hp number.

Below are some random pictures.
Me and my bf (:
sweet as usual.

Btw, i went Genting on a company trip this yr start, was having our D&D up there.
4D3N trip. Did nothing special, with the usual must-have team bonding.

Too much pictures to upload.
Am lazy anyway.

It's my first time wearing gown actually.


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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting more and more tired each day,
with only few hours of sleep.
yawns, i could barely open my eyes.

Im slowly dragging my legs to work,
and btw, bear found a job.
Was happy for him!

My poor bear was sick though,
still came all the way to my work place to fetch me.
But, next time he will only fetch me alternate days instead of everyday ):

and i hate seeing so many blagalas everyday.
freak me during the night.
what a waste of space in singapore.


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Thursday, October 01, 2009

It doesnt mean that u dont have it
equals to
people cant have it.

selfish freak.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

It has been so long since i blog, and im updating something im proud of.
Maybe pple know i am very 'slow' when it comes to dota,
so i felt happy when i got this!!!!!!!

My first RAMPAGE!!!!

Im at their base hor. so dont say why i at home i can kill people. lol!
Lastly, Im not at Tiong Bahru anymore.
At new outlet now!

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I look forward for knock-off.
I look forward for my off day.
I look forward to meet you each day.

I feel the stress you couldnt.
I feel the worries you couldnt.
I feel the tiredness you couldnt.

I hate quarrelling,
I hate brickering,
I hate that i can't rest even when i'm after work.

I merely need your warmth,
I merely need your concern,
I merely need all simple things which you can easily gave.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009


But first, im not working at Jurong Point anymore.
Instead, im now at Tiong Bahru.
New York Skin Solutions.
And im happy i changed my job,
as im happier there of course.

But one thing is, AM VERY TIRED!
Normally i have to OT everyday.
I start work at 1030, i end work at 10.
Totally lack of sleep.
But time past reallly damn fast when working,
as ive got tonns of things to learn.
It's a better environment,
although more of it are Malaysian.
But they totally look like Singaporean.
And they are earning big bucks.

On my way home today,
totally exhasted from work, physically.
Me and bear saw an old man in his 80s,
somewhere near my house,
holding a bicycle walking.
Super old and it's at ELEVEN O'CLOCK!
Was curious and bear asked him,
"Uncle, so late alrdy, where are u heading? "
-in hokkien

I was super shock ok?!
How long will he get home by his speed?
3-4am ?
We suggest to bring him home,
and he insisted saying he's ok,
the next moment, he said thank you and jump in the car.
Super cute!
So we sent him home.

Good people will get good deeds in return in future.

Im feeling happy even when i know i can spend more time sleeping instead.
I wish all of you can take a look around u, there're more elderly out there which need plenty of help.

(And i always buy tissue from disable people ok!)
Do your job peeps!

Good night,
a game of dota with bear and im going to bed.

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Monday, August 17, 2009


Went YC's 21st birthday on 080809.
Nice date eh?
His chalet was located at Aloha Changi.


But afterall, fun.

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